Instant camera printing

Do you like the idea of disposable cameras at your wedding reception, party or corporate event? Perhaps you have considered using polaroid cameras with instant printing. 

We have mixed the fun of disposable cameras with the latest technology to allow you and your guests to capture photos using cameras we supply. Once they have captured the pictures they can at any point visit our print station where we print them out in under 10 seconds. It gives you all the fun and freedom of taking your own photos but with the fantastic benefit of being able to print out the photos instantly during the night.

We print two copies and include an album, where we encourage your guests to leave the 2nd copy. They can also write a little message next to their photos.



instant print station

We will come to your wedding reception and setup the print station. We will then arrange cameras on the dinner tables. We include a friendly member of staff to help explain how it works to guests. 

  • Capture your own pictures
  • Print them out at the print station
  • Two copies with each visit
  • Guestbook album included
  • Kiosk display to browse all photos
  • Customized print templates
  • USB of all photos taken

If you also like the idea of an open air photo booth then we can include that as an optional extra. This allows your guests to either visit the booth, or take their own photos for printing.

Do you perhaps have a lot of instagram users? Then we can setup the system to allow your guests to also take photos on their phones and print these at the print station. This is a fantastic solution for your wedding guests allowing them to capture all those fun moments and not be in the confines of a photo booth. Of course we love photo booths and can offer that as an add on.



instant camera printing wedding

Whats included:

10 x digital cameras

Print station and kiosk

Member of staff

Guestbook album, pens and glue


Upgrade options:

Add more digital cameras

Add a second print station

Instagram hook up

Open air or enclosed photo booth


Typically we hire for a 5 hour hire period. We need access to a power point for the print station and kiosk, the cameras run off battery.

wedding guestbook

Instant print hire locations

We cover most of South East Queensland and NSW including:

Photo Booth hire in Brisbane

Photo Booth hire in Gold Coast

Photo Booth hire in Sunshine Coast

We can cover additional areas, please contact us for details.