Mobile Escape Room Hire

We are pleased to offer you the first mobile escape room hire service for Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and surrounding areas. We are the first company in Australia offering a mobile escape room, also known as mobile quest room hire.

You may know what an escape room is as they have become a very popular tourist attraction, and we can now bring that fun to you with our portable version! Offering a mobile escape room rental we bring the escape room to you. There are two ways we can offer this, we have a large waterproof marquee that we can setup with the escape game inside, or if you have a suitable meeting room or other type of room at your venue then we can setup the game there.

We have two escape game room themes currently available, either a Las Vegas hangover puzzle or an Area 51 alien inspired theme. We also have a portable desktop game please ask us for more details.


Please come visit our main website for the sunshine plaza escape room

Visit Red Lock Escape Rooms at the sunshine plaza, sunshine coast

The game time can be set to last from 20-45 minutes and we recommend no more than 8 players at a time (but we can expand the game for up to 16 players). We normally hire for a minimum of a 5 hour hire period so that around 150 people will get to enjoy the experience. We do need approx 5 minutes to reset the game between sessions. 

Our mobile escape room is perfect for a corporate team building day, or maybe you are looking at a mobile escape room for your birthday party or even perhaps for your wedding! It will keep your guests entertained and give them something unique to enjoy at your event.

We can also provide two escape rooms for events looking to generate some friendly competition between two teams.

At the end of the game we take a group photo, which we upload to social media for instant sharing.

If the escape room is being setup outside under our marquee then we will need access to a power point. In the event of heavy rain or winds we may need to cancel due to safety reasons.


What is a mobile escape room game? Its a game for up to 16 players who need to work together under time pressure of around 30 minutes to follow the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room. You may of seen movies like "Saw", well its not as scary or gory, but you will find it very challenging to solve the puzzles, look for clues around the room and solve the challenges.

It is very exhilarating, interactive, challenging, fun and joyous should you succeed!  There are 30 minutes on the clock and the moment you step in time starts and your goal is simple: Escape before your time runs out. Work together as a team to uncover the hidden secrets and escape within the allocated time. Our staff will remain inside the game and give you a limited amount of clues to help you through the game

We can offer a mobile escape room quest in the Brisbane and surrounding areas, we have even travelled as far as Melbourne. We can come to you, set up the game and supervise it during the hire period. Ask us about alternative game ideas that we may be able to help with.

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