virtual reality pod experience hire

 Our Virtual Reality Hire includes:

  • Unlimited Use
  • 2 Player system
  • Rollercoaster Experience
  • Walk the Plank
  • Fly like superman
  • 3D Immersive surreal World
  • Live viewing monitors

    This is great entertainment for your corporate event, our friendly staff will assist and ensure everyone has an amazing time. 
    Customer comments:
    "That is awesome, I want one"
    "OMG i cant believe how real that is"
    "My legs are wobbling, i cant do it, take it off....!"
    "That is amazing, its so real, you really feel like you are on a plank"
    "That was really cool, can i try again"


Virtual Reality Hire:

Strap on the headset and become immersed in a virtual 3D world, you can move your head around to look in different directions of the virtual reality in real 3D.

It is so realistic that you will easily forget the real world around you. In fact it is so real on the roller coaster ride that we recommend you perhaps don't mix this with too much alcohol!! 

Our starter package includes 2 complete VR stations with 2 members of staff to help guests. Our VR station includes a seated area for guests, some experiences can be played standing up, complete with external viewing stations so that other guests can share the experience. 

We are also pleased to announce that we now have a walk the plank experience. If you are afraid of heights then we don't recommend this experience! So realistic, travel inside a lift to the top floor of a building then dare to walk out on the plank, we bring along a real plank to enhance the experience!


  • Up to 2 players at once
  • The photobooth measures 2M x 2M


Unlimited Use
2 Players
3D Experiences
Large Viewing Monitors
Member of staff to help

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